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Here is a little explanation of the things that we sell.
Can I use one of Russ's images?
How long does it take Russ to create an original Drawing or painting?
Can I commission Russ to do a painting?
Is there any original Russell G. Hill art offered on his website?
If I find a piece of Russ's art on the secondary market what should I look for?
What is the difference between an Artist's Proof, Giclée and a Canvas Print?
Will I be charged sales tax?
How much will I pay for shipping?
What is your return policy?
What about selling on EBay?
Do you offer framing?
Is your website secure?
What kinds of payment do you accept?

Here is a little explanation of the things that we sell.

Russ personally prints all his own Open edition, Limited editions and canvas prints with his own wide format Giclees (fine art) printer. These look very much like an original when you put them in a frame like we put an original in. (They are about the same size as the print we made them from.) They are great looking and very durable.

The printed sizes specified on Russ's paper prints are the image size. Russ normally has a 5/16" white border around the image size with a line around the outside where he numbers and/or signs them at the bottom. The actual paper size will have a two inch white border around the image. The paper size will fit in a standard size frame without matting. Example: the paper size for an image size of 14" X 20" will fit in a 18" X 24" standard size frame. If you prefer real matting instead of paper mat around the image, you may mat over the white border.

The Canvas prints are normally printed with a one and a half inch white border around the image. This will allow for canvas stretching. The Canvas prints will be signed and/or numbered at the bottom on the image.

Lynn likes to decorate with groupings therefore some images contain multiple items for display only, so please read description for specific item being sold.

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Question: Can I use one of Russ's images?

Answer: All Russell G. Hill artwork remains the sole and exclusive copyrighted property of Russell G. Hill, even after selling the original, unless he relinquishes his rights. All materials on this website, including images/text/design/layout and any other website and/or media featuring Russell G. Hill artwork, are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of Russell G. Hill. Reproduction of any Russell G. Hill property without express written consent is unlawful and prohibited.

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Question: How long does it take Russ to create an original drawing or painting?

Answer: Each painting that Russ does takes a substantial amount of time. The time spent normally depends on the size and detail of the work.

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Question: Can I commission Russ to do an original?

Answer: A regular Russ Hill commission is difficult to come by. The best we can do is ask each customer what their wishes are with regards to price range, size or subject matter. We will then try to let you know when one becomes available. We don¹t have a perfect system to alert you when one of these comes around. If you would like, I can add your name to the list of people I notify by email when he has a new piece available through a show or a gallery or whatever.

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Question: Is there any original Russell G. Hill art offered on his website?

Answer: Not generally. We do try to give you an advance look of the new drawings, paintings or photographs that will be in his various upcoming shows.

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Question: If I find a piece of Russ's art on the secondary market what should I look for?

Answer: Russ has almost always signed his work Russell G. Hill with a Hat brand to the right of his name and the date. Some of his earlier works in the late 60's and early 70's were signed Rusty Hill with the Hat Brand and then the date. Russ's limited edition reproductions, open edition photographs, canvas prints, and Giclées should have his Russell G. Hill signature along with Russell G. Hill written in cursive.

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Question: What is the difference between an Artist's Proof, Giclée and a Canvas Print?

Answer: Signed Open Editions and Posters can be reprinted over and over. A Limited Edition has a preset number of signed and numbered prints. Artist Proofs are the artist's personal prints that are given to him as part of the printing - usually 10% of the edition. There is no physical difference between the Artist Proofs and the Limited Edition, they are just numbered differently, so I don't normally recommend buying them instead of a Limited Edition unless you are a collector of Artist Proofs, you particularly want a low number, or that is all that is left. They are considered more collectable and are valued higher both initially and later on.

Giclée Fine Art Reproductions

Giclée is a French word meaning “the spraying of ink”. Giclées are museum quality reproductions on canvas or paper, which are printed using pigmented inks on archival canvas or on 100% acid free cotton rag paper. Longevity tests show the inks we use to be colorfast for 120 years. Intense, direct lighting may reduce the longevity of the product, but reasonable lighting conditions should have very little, if any, effect.

Some nice characteristics of Giclées include:

1. They are printed using long lasting archival inks, which provide UV protection.

2. A wider color range of deeper colors is available than are available with offset litho prints.

3. Giclées are very accurate to the original art.

4. The canvas and rag paper that the Giclées are printed on are heavier than lithograph paper and give the Giclée the look of an original painting.

5. Because mats and glass are not used when framing canvases, they are not expensive to frame.

6. Canvas Giclées work well in a room with many windows because there is no glare.

7. The quality of the image, paper, color and printing techniques are exceptional!

Care of a Giclée Print, Unpacking and Storage:

Remove all paper wrapping and packaging items from your Giclées as soon as you receive them. They are for shipping and protection during shipping and should not be used for storage materials.

Please store your Giclées away from heat and moisture sources. The inks are water-soluble. Moisture will ruin your print! Giclées on paper should be stored on a clean, dry surface. They are printed on 100% cotton rag watercolor paper or high quality photographic paper and are NOT water resistant. They are affected by moisture just like any other type of print on paper would be. Mat and frame as soon as possible, using conservation framing techniques, including UV inhibiting glass.

Stretched or mounted canvas Giclées should be stored vertically with plastic or wax paper between them. Unstretched or unmounted canvases can be stored flat or rolled. Giclées printed on canvas are water and UV resistant, but NOT waterproof. These prints are susceptible to streaking and smudging if they come into contact with any liquids. To remove dust from a canvas Giclée, GENTLY wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight and intense, direct light. In summary, treat them as you would any valuable, water-soluble artwork.

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Question: Will I be charged sales tax?

Answer: The sales tax will be included in the price of the print or product.

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Question: How much will I pay for shipping?

Answer: We now ship all items FREE in the 48 contiguous states of the United States.

* Canada - Call for your shipping options - generally double U.S. rates.

* International - Call for your shipping options - generally five times U.S. rates.

Our prints ship in tubes or flat - in specially made boxes - 200+# test corrugated cardboard with 2 - 200+# test pads whose corrugation direction is cross the box itself for more safety in shipping. Our boxes alone cost about $15.

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Question: What is your return policy?

Answer: We offer a money back guarantee on every item we sell. Within 30 days, return the item is its original condition and you will receive a full refund, excluding shipping charges. (Please return in our packaging if possible.)

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Question: What about selling on EBay?

Answer: When an artist creates a piece of artwork, they “own” the right to any reproduction of that original piece of art, even after it's sold, unless they relinquish their “rights.” The legal term is “copyright” and evidenced by the symbol artists' affix to original works of art ©. This signifies they are the creator, therefore, the owner of the intellectual property.

When a piece of artwork is consigned to a gallery or an auction, it is their responsibility to obtain written consent from the artist (the creator) for the image of that artwork to be used in advertisements (printed and/or online) to promote the sale. Without such permission, the use of the image is a copyright infringement, and as such, the artist may take legal action.

EBay recognizes, respects and promotes artists' rights, and as such works to develop and enforce policies and procedures for protecting intellectual property. The program, called the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program now counts among its participants over 28,000 companies and individuals, who may elect to post "VeRO: Participant About Me" pages, which tells what their individual legal position is with regard to their intellectual property. Here's a link to the page: http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/

If you have a piece of artwork you're thinking about putting up on EBay, consult these pages. This list does not include all rights owners, so if you don't find the artist there, you are encouraged to directly contact the rights owner regarding their products and/or policies.

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Question: Do you offer framing?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not do any framing ourselves. Your local art gallery should be able to help you and match your decor perfectly!

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Question: Is your website secure?

Answer: Our website IS secure for online ordering. Please call us if you have any problems. (575) 631-1988.

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Question: What kinds of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept pay-pal, all major credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and personal checks as payment for Russ and Lynn's work. You can best order BY PLACING YOUR ORDER ONLINE or calling us at (575) 631-1988 or faxing us at (432) 614-6722. (Our normal hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST or we have voicemail)

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